The Do’s and Don’ts of Ghost Wig Making
Running your business will challenge you in ways you never considered. A ghost wig maker is custom wig maker who creates wigs for other companies at a wholesale price. In this Ebook, you will unlock the cheat codes on how to MAKE...
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Ghost Wig Maker Formula and Form Guide
You know, owning a business and knowing all the rules is exhausting. Sometimes we need a plan, a strategy or a system. Today I'm going to be sharing with you the system of GHOST WIG MAKING for you to maintain...
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Learn how to attach a closure with a sewing machine.
Have you ever wanted to cut down your wig making time ? This tutorial will help you learn how to attach a closure by use of a sewing machine to maximize your productivity as a wig maker! SUPER SIMPLE &...
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Trying to sell to a consumer is hard enough. Trying to sell to another business is even harder! If you struggle with the having the right things to say and how to win over your ghost wig making prospect, THIS...
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